Norwich, United Kingdom


Person in charge
Chris Hemstock

About Great Britain Martial Arts Team
The National Martial Arts Committee's objective is the Nationwide promotion of Martial Art Sport for All, through physical activity, competition and association. NMAC’s objective is fulfilled in particular by means of the following: By promoting ethics, education of youth, the spirit of fair play and the banning of violence in Martial Arts Sport. By encouraging and supporting the promotion of women in martial art sport at all levels and the principle of equality of men and women. By helping to promote and preserve traditional cultures in martial art sport through programs, events, publications and research. Through the organisation of fund raising activities to generate the necessary resources for NMAC’s own operations Through the establishment and recognition of National Associations under the umbrella of NMAC. Through offering of educational and training programs in Martial Art Sport for All and the recognition and support for Regional conferences, National seminars and International Congresses in cooperation with promoting institutions. Through the cooperation with International institutions and the establishment of alliances.

Associated academies