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Stora Höga Open 2019 Kumite

Stora Höga Open-19, Kumite is an International Kyokushin tournament for children, cadets, juniors and seniors.

Stora Höga Open is an International Kyokushin tournament for children, cadets, juniors and seniors who participate from various parts of the world. It is open to all Kyokushin groups and organisations which would like to participate and test their skills under the Stora Höga Open Tournament Regulations.

Entrance fee for audience:
40 SEK from 18 and over
20 SEK for 7-17
Free for 7 and under

Fee for the fighters:
Please note that the fee will raise with 50 SEK from the 13 of January (Late registration).

LivestreamsWatch Livestream: Tatami AWatch Livestream: Tatami B (part #1), Tatami B (part #2)
Watch Livestream: Tatami C


Friday 25/1
18.00-20.00 Registration and weighing

Saturday 26/1
07.30-08.30 Registration and weighing
08.00-08.30 Information for Judges
08.50 Set up for march per club in size, shortest first
09.00 Entrance, greeting, welcome speech
09.15 The competition starts
Approx. 13.00-14.00  Break and price ceremony for age 7-13
Approx. 18.30 Price ceremony for age 14 and up

Match time:
7-11 year - 1.30 + 1 min 
12-15 years - 2 + 1 min
16-17 years - 2 + 2 min
No weight for the competitors under 18, it will be a decision after the last extension.

Adults Semi 2 + 2 (weight) + 2 min
Adults Full 3 + 2 (weight) + 2 min
Weight difference 5 kg (men +80 kg is 10 kg)

In the classes with 3 competitors, it will be Round Robin. In case of equal, the following parameters will decide the placement:
Most Ippon (total)
Most Waza-ari (total)
Least Genten (total)
Least Chui (total)
Least Absolute weight

Detailed information about the tournament:Regulations
Please note:
The semi contact divisions for the seniors is for beginners. If you have competed in more than three full contact tournaments, you should register in the full contact divisions.

The full contact rulesYou can find the rules for the full contact divisions here:
Full contact rules
The rules are in Swedish, If you have any questions, please send a mail to: [email protected]

Criteria for competingA competitor will be asked for proof of age by producing an ID card or country passport.
Extra Criteria for Swedish competitors (only) For legal reasons, Swedish competitors (only) from the age of 12 must be able to produce a competitors card (“tävlingskort”) issued from an organization under the Swedish Sports Confederation (“Riksidrottsförbundet”) (such as “Budo och Kampsportsförbundet” or “Karateförbundet”).


Hotell Spekeröd, a hotel near the arena and near the high way.

Winn hotel, Backadal (20 minuts from the arena. The rooms are booked directly with the hotel at, Quality Hotel Winn, Tel: +46 31 750 19 00

Stora Höga Arena
Available for those who book well in time. For 150 SEK per person and per night we offer very spartan conditions. Sleep on the floor with access to a nearby toilet and shower. You have to bring your own sleeping equipment. Book through: [email protected] or phone: +46 303-799 430. When you book, state: Stora Höga Karate. They can offer a small breakfast (50 SEK/Person) or dinner (95 SEK/Person).

You have to book and pay before the 12 of January 2018.

Offers hostel and cabins in Stenungsund, less then 5 kilometers from Stenungsund Arena where the competition is held. Prices and selection of accommodations can be found on www.stenungsogarden.se For booking, contact Stenungsögården direct either on homepage or tel. +46 303 770 080.

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club
Booking through their website; www.stenungsbaden.se

Stenungsunds Camping
A hostel close to the arena. www.stenungsundscamping.se


Stenungsund Arena »
Nösnäsvägen 2 444 47 Stenungsund
Fuso horário: Europe/Stockholm


  • Juniors 200 SEK
  • Seniors 250 SEK