För förbund och företag som arrangerar regelbundna tävlingar kan vi erbjuda ditt-namn/strong> På denna anpassningsbara sida kan du samla all admistration för dina klubbar och tävlingar på ett och samma ställe.

Hantera tävlingar

Alla event för ditt förbund/företag på ett ställe.
Ranka dina spelare och klubbar.

Hantera klubbar

Hantera alla dina medlemssklubbar från ett ställe
Granska och godkänn ansökningar till din federation
Hantera betalningar för medlemsskap

Hantera aktiva

Manage and approve fighters to be a part of each club of your federation (or let each coach for the club do it for you)
Review and approve belts and promotions for fighters (or let the coach of each club do it for you)

Pricing & plans


Run your own circuit of events from your personal subdomain, choose if you require participating academies to be members with an optional fee for membership to your organisation. Grow your business by letting affiliate organisers run events under your umbrella.

20 / Månad
  • Academy membership

    Membership for academies lets you charge member academies a yearly fee (if you like) for being a part of your federation. You control who gets to participate at your events.

  • Affiliate organisers

    Grow your business by letting affiliate organisers run events under your umbrella.

  • Subdomain

    Choose which will be the landing page of your federation. You can always direct your personal web adress to point at

  • Event listing

    On your subdomain only your federation events will be listed.

  • Event templates

    Make a competition template for your federation to make creating events simple also for affiliate organisers.


Includes a CMS (add “About”, “News”, “Rules” or any page you like). Increased flexibility by offering individual membership to your federation as an extra layer and offer different levels of memberships for both academies and individuals. Create ranking lists for your divisions with our powerful ranking engine.

90 / Månad
  • Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Individual membership

    This feature lets you add another layer of membership for individual users, you can have one fee for the academy and one for the individual if you so choose.

  • Multiple membership plans

    If you have different level of memberships, for instance “support membership, normal membership and premium membership you can now build those plans within your admin system.

  • Ranking

    The ranking engine lets you set rules for different events, entries and classes so you can customize your own ranking list for your circuit.

  • CMS - Content Management System

    Build your federation page as you want with multiple pages/menus or add a news page.

  • Custom Metadata

    Custom metadata can be useful if you want to record information about previous merits, belts or other achievements. You can also have your members upload documents for you to check before approving them membership