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26 Feb - 15 Nov 23:59
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Deadline 19 Nov 19:00


November 22nd is an opportunity to compete under a unique setting. Round robin, no time limits with cash prizes.

Submission only championships presents a competition opportunity to test your submission skills in a unique format. 

The new rules and time limits for adult round robin weight divisions, adult matches including the absolutes are now 15 minute time limits with advantages given for tight submission attempts. Two fouls or penalties can be called but the third will lead to disqualification. If at the end of the match there are equal advantages the ref will award the match to the player who is trying to finish the match. 

Normal weight divisions for white belt matches are now 8 minutes, Blue belts, Purple, brown and black belt matches are 15 minutes. The absolute divisions will be the same.

The same will be for the children's matches, advantages will be given to tight choke positions, arm and shoulder locks with the time being 5 minute limits. If one child is obviously stalling and holding position and not trying to find a submission they will be given a penalty. You must work towards better positions and submissions. 

Please remember that this comp runs under the IBJJF rule system, No competitor can reap the leg, if they do they will be warned for the first and disqualified for the second. If a child uses the body triangle they will be told to let it go straight away and warned but if it's used again they will be disqualified.  

Adult absolute divisions will be now 15 minute limits, with penalties for stalling. If you foul three times you will be disqualified.

Cash prizes, medals and engraved wooden swords-  

Cash prizes are always dictated on how many make up a division, prizes are capped at $250 for first place white belts and $500 for blue.

The absolute divisions will be kept seperate no matter how many sign up to a division, skill levels will no longer be mixed to maximise number of matches or to maximise cash prizes.

There will be a second event after the normal competition that will be ticketed. $20 for adults that didn't compete and $10 for kids that didn't compete that day. Efpos will be available to purchase last minute tickets.

Weight Selection

Weights in the drop down box are represented as net with the appropriate Gi or No Gi allowance already included in division e.g. the 82.3kg division already includes the 3.3kg allowance of the 79kg division. Competitors must be under the weight division when they step onto the official scales where they will be disqualified or moved, we will be offering a last minute moving fee of $20. 

We will be hiring staff to deal with last minute changes and that extra cost will be subsidised by player or parents mismanaging their divisions. 


We are now following a much more strict IBJJF standard of clothing, wear Brazilian jiu jitsu kimonos and grappling apparel for the nogi. Wear the appropriate colours to represent your belt level in nogi.  



The competitor and/or their guardian (if under 18yrs) acknowledges and agrees that the competitor shall be responsible to obtain all or any insurance for loss and/or medical, hospital, life, income protection, personal, property, or any other risk or damage that the competitor may cause or suffer, (whether directly or indirectly) and the competitor covenants that he acknowledges that any failure by the competitor to fully insure himself against any accident, damage, injury, loss, whatsoever, howsoever arising shall be solely at the risk of the competitor.


All events have Qualified First Aid Medics, as well as Paramedics who can treat and give pain relief on site, so anyone injured in pain does not need to wait until an ambulance arrives, they can be treated immediately.


A 100% refunds will be issued when you cancel before the closing date of registrations.


If you have paid and do not have a division allocated to you by closing we will find you one but if you do not we will issue you with a refund. 

If anything is unclear please get in touch with Phillip Graham on 0421840765


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17 Graham St
Timezone: Australia/Brisbane

Cancel/Refund policy


  • Children's Gi 40 AUD
  • Children's NOGi 40 AUD
  • Juvenile Boys Gi 40 AUD
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Boys No-Gi 40 AUD
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 40 AUD
    16-17 years
  • Male Gi 55 AUD
    18 years and above
  • Juvenile Girls No-Gi 40 AUD
    16-17 years
  • Female Gi 55 AUD
    18 years and above
  • Male NOGI 55 AUD
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute Gi 75 AUD
  • Female NOGI 55 AUD
    18 years and above
  • Female Absolute Gi 75 AUD
  • Male Absolute NOGI 75 AUD
  • Female Absolute NOGI 75 AUD