Tournament Check in and Weigh in

Competitors will have the option of weighing in at designated Satellite Weigh-In locations on Thursday, December 1st or Friday, December 2nd, as well as at the venue Friday evening, December 2nd, Saturday, December 3rd or Sunday morning, December 4th.

The Satellite Weigh-In locations will be posted on the event website.

Check in and weigh in will be available at the venue. Competitors must check in at least one-hour prior to their first match. Match and mat times will be available for review on Smoothcomp. Any competitor failing to check in at least 30-minutes prior to their first match will be disqualified with no refund. Any competitor who does not make their division weight limit will also be disqualified. No changes to the bracket will be made after the brackets have been finalized (2:00pm Friday 2nd December).

 Tournament officials reserve the right to perform random weight checks.



  • IJF Rules Junior - Male 100 USD
    Born 2002 - 2007 (inclusively)
  • IJF Rules Junior - Female 100 USD
    Born 2002 to 2007 (inclusively)
  • Senior Men 100 USD
    Males, Ages 17 and older
  • Senior Women 100 USD
    Females, Ages 17 and older
  • IJF Rules Cadets -Male 100 USD
    Born 2005 - 2007 (inclusively)
  • IJF Rules Cadets - Female 100 USD
    Born 2005 - 2007 (inclusively)
  • Boys 100 USD
    Males, Ages 5 to 16 years
  • Girls 100 USD
    Females, Ages 5 to 16 years
  • Kata 80 USD
    Kata, Junior and Senior Divisions male, female and mixed teams.