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2023 International Barbados BJJ Championship

This is the first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Barbados open to all visitors to compete in gi and no-gi divisions under Round-Robin, Submission Only rules.


Please read the general rules below carefully. For all rules please go here: https://caribbeanbjj.com/championship/,  If you do not understand something or you have any questions, please email us or ask for clarification as there will be no rules meeting the day of the competition. All competitors are expected to understand and respect the tournament rules. Please also be familiar with our medal rank tie-breaker rules below.

SCHEDULE- Please be there at least 30 minutes early for your fight.

We will run the divisions in order of ascending age whenever possible.

9:00 AM – Official start of Check-in for all competitors

10:00 AM- Start of all Kids and Juveniles Gi BJJ divisions

11:00 AM- Start of all Kids and Juveniles No-Gi BJJ divisions

12:00 PM-  Start of all Adult and Masters Gi BJJ divisions 

2:00 PM-  Start of all Adult and Masters No-Gi BJJ divisions

3:00 PM- End of event

SPECTATOR ENTRANCE- Entrance is free, please comply with all local COVID rules.

LOCAL REGISTRATION- Registration for all Bajans is in BBD


We expect all competitors to act in a sportsmanlike fashion at all times. If you lock in a submission do not apply it instantly trying to force a tap but look at the referee to make sure (s)he recognizes the submission and give her/him a chance to step in to break off the fight even if your opponent does not tap.


• Competitors must wear a BJJ uniform (BJJ) and shirt, shorts or leggings (no-gi BJJ) that is tight-fitting, clean, odor-free, and in good condition. (Inappropriate language or imagery is unacceptable). Mouthguards are recommended but hard groin protection or any hard brace other than prosthetics are prohibited.


Anytime a competitor is in danger of injury the referee will step in to prevent any harm to the fighter but we rely on your sense of fair play in order to prevent injuries and allow the opponent to continue to compete. Please remember, that this also protects you when you are caught in a submission.

Kids (15 and under) matches are stopped immediately when one of the competitors is in a position to submit, i.e. an Armbar is fully locked in and they are not actively escaping. Teen and adult competitors will be given a little more time to defend but this is 100% up to the discretion of the referee as her/his primary task is to prevent injury and keep all competitors safe. If you lose your fight because the referee steps in please remember that (s)he is there to protect you from injury and that you should have not ended up in a position where your opponent can lock in a submission in the first place.

We reserve the right to create all divisions based on sex, age, skill, weight and team. Please remain in the competitor area once your divisions start because the fights happen quickly. If your name is called and you are not responding, we will move on to the next fight. After the fight ends we will call your name again. If you are still not responding your opponent will be awarded an automatic win. Tell the scorekeeper if you are not available to fight temporarily or all together.

We are offering Points-Only divisions for three to seven-year-old children and Submission-Only divisions age six and up. That means that six or seven-year-old kids (or kids close to it in age) can choose to compete in either, Points-Only divisions or Submissions-Only divisions.

We are especially committed to supporting all female competitors and our goal is to get you as many fights in as fair as possible divisions. We will create divisions for females teens and adults whenever possible. If that is not possible, you will have the option to either get a full refund or to enter a mixed division with males of equal strength and skill and with all females in this divisions fighting for their own medal rank unless they win the mixed division.


—> 3 points are awarded for a win, 1 each for a tie and 0 points for a loss. A Submission or disqualification automatically determines the winner of a match.

—> At the end of the Round-Robin the three fighters with the highest points are awarded the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals accordingly.

—> For a 2 fighter draw in gold medal contention, the competitor who won the match between the two is the winner, if not they will fight again for the medal. If there is no decision by the end of the regulation time, the match will go into the tie-breaker round with a coin toss deciding who will get the back mount/seatbelt position first. The first opponent tries to submit while the second opponent tries to escape the rear mount while being timed. Next, the opponents reverse the roles and the one opponent who escapes or submits her/his opponent first wins.

—> For a 3+ fighter draw, the matches won/lost between the tied competitors is compared and if there is still a tie, a comparison is made score between the remaining tied competitors. If the score is still tied the 2 fighter draw solution listed above will be applied.


Beginner/ Novice– Any competitor with less than two years experience is considered a Novice

Intermediate– Any competitor with more than two but less than four years experience is in these divisions

Advanced– Any competitor with more than four years of experience is in the Advanced divisions

For all rules please visit our website at https://caribbeanbjj.com/championship


  • BJJ- Kids (3-9 years) 39 CAD
  • BJJ- Female Juveniles (10-17 years) 39 CAD
  • BJJ- Male Juveniles (10-17 years) 39 CAD
  • BJJ- Female Adults (18-34 years) 39 CAD
  • BJJ- Male Adults (18-34 years) 39 CAD
  • BJJ- Female Masters (35 Years +) 39 CAD
  • BJJ- Male Masters (35 years +) 39 CAD
  • No-Gi BJJ- Female Adults (18-34 years) 39 CAD
  • No-Gi BJJ- Male Adults (18-34 years) 39 CAD
  • No-Gi BJJ- Female Masters (35 Years +) 39 CAD
  • No-Gi BJJ- Male Masters (35 years +) 39 CAD

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