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Banzai Open 2024

Banzai Open 2024 is a Kyokushin, Shinkyokushin tournament for juniors (10-17 years) and seniors.

Banzai open is an International Kyokushin tournament. It is open to all Kyokushin organizations which would like to participate and test their skills under the regulations of SFKO (Swedish full contact organization) in cooperation with the Swedish Kyokushin kai organization.


Friday 26/4

17.00-19.00 Registration and weighing for all classes (No medical checkup for seniors) at Banzai karate kai Herkulesgatan 56 in Gothenburg.

Saturday 27/4

08:30 - 09:30 Registration for all classes at the arena. 

08:30 - 09:30 Medical checkup for seniors full contact and Semi contact at the arena. 

09.00 Information for Judges.

10.00 Entrance for spectators.

10.00 set up for opening ceremony.

10.30 Start of competition. 

13.00 break and price ceremony for ages 10-13 years.

13.30 start of bouts for 14-17 years and seniors.

17.30 Price ceremony.



The Banzai Open organizing committee reserves the right to refuse entry and/or participation to anyone not following the rules and regulations set forth herewith. All competitors must wear a neat, complete karate gi and when competing one competitor will wear his/hers own respective belt plus an extra red string. The other competitor will only wear his/hers own belt.

Finger and toe nails must be cut short, no protective clothing, bandages or guards.

It is not allowed to fight with glasses; the use of contact lenses is allowed.

In case of injury to a competitor, the wearing of bandages or other protective materials is at the absolute discretion of the tournament doctor and the head referee, whose decision shall be final and binding upon the competitor. In principle no support, bandages or tape shall be worn in the first round and thereafter at the discretion of the doctor.

Said equipment may not contain any metal or hard shell plastic or enhancement and will be verified prior to each match. Competitors must provide their own personal equipment.

The competitors must be available 1 minute prior to their impending match and is solely responsible for arriving at the tatami on time when the competitor's name is called. If competitors fail to appear after two announcements, they will forfeit their right to compete.

Competitors of any grade will be allowed to enter the competition, however, if a participant in unable to defend himself/herself at any time, he or she will be excluded for safety reasons.

The tournament doctor may exclude any participant at any time for any medical reason.

For security reasons, all participants must have a coach available. The coach may at any time give up the match for his/her competitor.


  • The age under which the competitor enters the competition shall be counted at the same day as the competition takes place.
  • Extra Criteria for Swedish competitors (only):For legal reasons, Swedish competitors (only) from the age of 12 must be able to show a valid competitors card (“tävlingskort”) issued from an organization under the Swedish Sports Confederation (“Riksidrottsförbundet”) (such as “Budo och Kampsportsförbundet” or “Karateförbundet”).
  • Competitors under the age of 18 must have permission from one legal guardian to be allowed to compete at Banzai Open 2024.
  • The Banzai Open organizing committee reserves the right to change weight classes (within the limit of regulations from SFKO).


  • Juniors 250 SEK
  • Seniors 300 SEK